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The Herbal Power of Orchids

A. Friesen, B. Friesen

336. Seiten, 180 Abbildungen, durchgehend farbig
ISBN: 978-3-86371-051-4
Preis: 89,00 € (D) / 91,70 € (A)

Orchids – up-to-date overall view
The book compiles the available up-to-date knowledge and the opinion of different authors and presents a comprehensive overall view of the herbal use of orchids.

Orchids – treasures and secrets
Orchids are some of the natures most gorgeous creation. The authors reveal the treasures and secrets of orchids and provide the currently available information on ethnomedicine, ethnobotany and traditional knowledge about orchids.

Orchids – medicinal use
This book identifies phytochemical and pharmacological important compounds and discusses the results of experimental, preclinical and clinical studies with extracts of orchid species. The authors introduce the reader into the chemistry of plant toxins and the major alkaloids synthesized by the bio chemistry of orchids.

Orchids – how TCM uses them
TCM uses many orchids as ingredient in their herbal formulation. The authors transfer the indication and results into the nomenclature and terminology of the western medicine in a way, easy to read and to understand.

Orchids – discover their secrets
The authors do not intent to write a scientific book for the scientist, but to meet the challenge of a reader interested in herbal orchids who would like to view this subject from different angles eager to discover the secrets of orchids and learn how difficult it is to unlock their treasures.